Some classic Star Trek fans are taking delight in a little battle that’s been going on between William Shatner and… well, frankly just Shatner and Trekdom. See, Shatner wasn’t asked to be a part of the new movie (or was asked and wasn’t available, or was asked and it didn’t work - frankly, I’ve lost track of what the official story is by now) and so he’s been a bit bitter about there being a new movie.

One can hardly blame Shatner’s frustration. Until now he’s been the sole actor behind James T. Kirk, a character so iconic even non-Trekkies can identify him on sight. Now Shatner is going to have to share the stage that is Kirk with another actor. I’m fairly certain any of us would feel the same in a similar situation.

The latest video diary from Shatner gives his reaction to the first released image of the new Enterprise. Keep in mind, technically, this is the old Enterprise - just a new depiction of it. In fact, J.J. Abrams has remained pretty faithful to the original design, which doesn’t give Shatner much to talk about at all. In fact, he’s pretty subdued here, just talking about the ship-shape and how supportive he is of the new Trek movie, regardless of what you might have heard otherwise.

Take a look at Shatner’s response and wonder how much alcohol he’s imbibing between takes on Boston Legal, which it looks like must be when this was recorded.

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