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After being abandoned by Paul Greengrass nearly a year ago and being circled by any number of directors in the intervening months, the James Cameron-produced 3D remake of The Fantastic Voyage has finally found a director. Shawn Levy, who has Real Steel with star Hugh Jackman coming out this fall, has signed on to direct the Fox film, according to Deadline. Levy has made two gigantic hits for Fox in the past with the two Night at the Museum movies plus Date Night last year; it's probably an understatement when Deadline describes him as "a studio favorite."

The last news we heard about this particular director hunt was back in October, when Cameron apparently liked Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier best of all. No word on what happened for him to fall out of favor, but it seems likely that Cameron or someone else at Fox got a look at Real Steel, liked what they saw, and brought Levy back into the fold before he got even more expensive. Fantastic Voyage has been a high-priority project at Fox at various points in the long development process, and with Carlton Cuse only starting the script for Levy and Jackman's next project together it seems entirely possible that Levy could make Fantastic Voyage his next effort.

The movie, if you need reminding, will be a remake of the 1966 sci-fi adventure about a team of scientists who journey inside the body of a Soviet defector who has a life-threatening blood clot in his brain. The remake will rely heavily on CGI and all the usual James Cameron wizardry, and despite everything I learned from the disappointing Sanctum, I still plan to see the hell out of this movie.

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