Aside from Avatar, Sherlock Holmes is the biggest movie left to be release this year. And since they’ve finished shooting it, normally by now the cast would be pretty much set in stone. Bear that in mind as we discuss the following rumor from the often extremely unreliable UK tabloid The Mirror.

Digital Spy has picked up a story from them in which they claim that Brad Pitt is playing Sherlock’s arch villain Professor Moriarty. Actually what they say is that he’s “joining the cast”, which is a bit strange since the movie is done filming and has been for some time. The Mirror’s anonymous source says reshoots may be happening.

They claim, “the bosses wanted Guy to make more of him,” and that as a result Jude Law (Watson) and Robert Downey (Holmes) may be called back for 10 days of last minute reshoots all over London. In particular: “Cliveden House has been earmarked as a location for Moriarty’s home. There will be scenes shot at Royal Victoria Dock, Pontoon Docks, Pinewood and Chatham Docks in Kent. And they will be using clips around the City of London to set the scene.”

Even though it’s been heavily advertised all summer, Sherlock Holmes isn’t being released until December 26th which, theoretically, does leave them enough time to do reshoots if they want to. Originally a character named Lord Blackwood was supposed to be the movie’s bad guy (he even has his own character poster), and there were rumors that Moriarty would only show ups as a cameo to set up a sequel. Now not only is he heavily featured in the film, but played by one of the biggest stars on the planet, and worked into the film after it’s been finished? It seems like a lot to swallow. Keep this one in the rumor bin until there’s some sort of confirmation.

UPDATE! As we suspected, The Mirror's report was less than accurate. Warner Bros, the studio behind Sherlock Holmes has just issued the following statement to MTV:
The report in today’s London Mirror is completely inaccurate. Brad Pitt is not joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes and we're extremely pleased with the production of the film. As planned, it will be released on Christmas Day, 2009. In order to complete the movie, we've scheduled a few days on set to shoot a couple of additional scenes, obtain pick-up shots, and perfect some of the visual effects elements, all of which is standard filmmaking practice.

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