I still can't get a read on Shia LaBeouf. Starting off as a child actor on the Disney show Even Stevens, in interviews he has always seemed to show an interest in making great films, but never really seems to accomplish that goal. The guy has even gone as far as to diss his bad former projects (i.e. Indiana Jones 4 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and it seems like he wants to be respected, but he's yet to make that one movie that helps him show his real talent. Perhaps Robert Redford will be the man to drag it out of him.

Deadline has it that LaBeouf has signed on to star in The Company You Keep, Redford's ninth directorial effort. Described as a "political action thriller," the film is based on the book by Neil Gordon and adapted by Lem Dobbs. The film is currently being sold internationally and is still in pre-production. Shooting is scheduled to begin in September.

The story centers on a former member of the Weather Underground - a radical left wing organization that wanted to overthrow the US government - who, after being on the run from the FBI for 30 years, is exposed by a young journalist. Going on the run again, the journalist stays in hot pursuit, wanting to make a name for himself with the story. Redford will play the man on the run while LaBeouf will be the reporter.

Now that he's done with the Transformers franchise it's time for LaBeouf to exercise his chops and he seems to be picking the right filmmakers to do it with. The young actor has already hooked up with the awesome Aussie John Hillcoat, and while Redford's more recent films haven't been stellar, one must remember that he is still a legend in the film industry. LaBeouf finally appears to be making a legitimate go at it, and it's hard not to respect that ambition.

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