Showest, the movie industry’s annual trade show, kicked off in Las Vegas today and Cinema Blend’s Katey Rich is there, milling around and presumably, getting free drinks. In between playing the slots, she heard the keynote address from Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos who, like everyone in the movie industry these days, is really excited about 3D.

He revealed that Fox plans to keep ramping up their 3D efforts. This year they’re releasing two movies in 3D: Avatar and Ice Age 3. Next year he says they’re releasing three. What he didn’t tell us is which three Fox movies those will be.

It seems likely they’ll be tentpoles, after all it’s not like 3D does much for rom-coms. In 2010 Fox plans to release The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. That seems a likely candidate. Also in 2010 they have a remake of Fantastic Voyage. That might actually be a perfect candidate. Disney actually used to have a 3D ride based on the original Fantastic Voyage in which riders were taken on a roller-coaster like journey through the human body. If you’re going to shrink a team of scientists down and stick them in someone’s body, why not do it in 3D?

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