The Sony presentation at ShoWest this morning was largely filler, showing extended clips from movies we've already seen the trailers for, except for one line tossed off by Sony exec Rory Bruer. Talking about all the exciting projects coming up from his studio, Bruer mentioned Spider-Man 4 (of course), Ghostbusters (nice confirmation!) and.... another Men in Black.

As far as I know, talk of a third Men in Black movie had been straight-up rumors up to this point. Bruer didn't say anything else about it, and unfortunately this wasn't the kind of event where you can shout questions like "Wait, for real?" I'm fairly certain this is not Bruer's April Fool's joke on us, though at this point, I don't even know any more.

So should we be looking for an announcement of Men in Black III very soon? And have Bruer and his cohorts actually talked Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith into coming back? Smith totally seems plausible, but I thought Tommy Lee Jones had moved on even before they made the second movie. I guess big piles of money have the power to change minds.

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