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A lot of exciting new films showed some of their first- ever footage during this afternoon's Warner Bros. panel, but one of the ones revealing the most was Sex and the City 2, which is still tightly under wraps even though it hits theaters in just two months. Director Michael Patrick King and stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all took the stage to introduce a new trailer for the film, which-- at last!-- revealed some actual plot. A lot of the rumors we've heard were true, but there were a lot of new wrinkles too. Here are the highlights:

-- Stanford and Anthony are in fact getting married, in a lavish ceremony where Carrie wears a tuxedo (very fashion-forward, of course) and Stanford wears a white tux, "Like a virgin." Stanford and Anthony both stomp on the glass like Jewish grooms, and Liza Minelli officiates. Fabulous!

-- The desert location where we saw all the girls in the preview is Abu Dhabi, where Samantha has somehow has hooked them up with a weeklong trip. There were scant details reviewed about the actual trip-- they ride camels, they hit up a lavish nightclub, Samantha ogles some dude-- but there was one surprise waiting for them overseas...

-- Carrie runs into Aidan in a market, and quickly the two are spending a lot of time together in Abu Dhabi, causing Charlotte to scold Carrie "You're playing with fire." Looks like Carrie is once again getting itchy feet in a relationship, except this time it's Aidan who's the other man.

-- SPeaking of itchy feet, Charlotte seems to feel a little overwhelmed by life with two children, and based on the rumors about Harry having an affair with a hot Irish nanny, he's feeling the same. Miranda, on the other hand, is sick of being in the office and wants to get home and spend more time with her family. Both Charlotte and Miranda seem to be taking the Abu Dhabi trip as a chance for a much-needed break.

-- The hormone pills that are rumored to be part of Samantha's plot make an appearance early on, though it's not clear that they're for menopause-- she just says she's using them to be younger.

-- Carrie and Big do not have a baby-- she says they're "somewhere between wed and a baby"-- and Carrie gives him a watch that says "me and you, just us two." There are clearly babies on the brain, though, and Carrie's likely fling with Aidan might be a result of all that anxiety. Also Penelope Cruz shows up at a bar looking flirtily at Mr. Big, so rumors of him cheating may turn out to be very true as well.

Overall the character was a lot more appealing than I expected it to be, with much less focus on designer labels and rich-people activities, and much more focus on the wicked humor that made the original show so enjoyable. There was at least no song from Fergie about looking for labels and love-- they used "Empire State of Mind" instead-- so that's a definite step forward.

We've got much, much more to report from the Warner Bros. panel at ShoWest, so stay tuned!