Universal Pictures President Adam Fogelson was the first to admit he wasn't exactly the most logical choice to introduce ShoWest's tribute to the $100 million-plus grossing pictures of 2009. He admitted up front that Universal had its first bad year in a long, long time, and bright spots like It's Complicated and the surprise hit Fast and Furious didn't make up for a bunch of flops he didn't bother to name.

But with a new year comes hope, and Fogelson presented footage from three summer films that Universal is hoping will turn the tide-- Robin Hood, Get Him to the Greek and Despicable Me. The trailers shown for the latter two films were actually brand-new, one of them a red-band take on what we've already seen (Greek, obviously) and one the first full trailer for a film that only had a teaser before.

First, Greek. It actually took me a while to even recognize the differences, since the structure of the trailer is nearly identical to the green-band trailer that debuted online a few weeks ago (you can watch it here). We again see Jonah Hill's character dragged into nightclubs by Russell Brand's outrageous Aldous Snow, forced to shove cocaine up his ass like a drug mule, and showing up to meet Meredith Vieira with vomit on his jacket. The only difference was a little more of Aziz Ansari, playing a fellow record company assistant, talking about a night of partying right at the beginning, and a few extra seconds of every scene we've already seen, adding a bit more dirty humor. For example, when Jonah Hill is having sex with girl on the toilet, she winds up flushing the toilet by accident and splashing him with water. Little stuff like that that's a lot funnier than it sounds here. Expect that red-band trailer to show up online shortly.

Despicable Me marks Universal's first 3D animated film, and stars Steve Carell as a supervillain saddled with three kids to take care of while he tries to execute his grandest stunt yet-- stealing the moon. Yeah, it's a plot that's really familiar-- even Jackie Chan did it in Spy Next Door-- and it's unclear exactly how having these kids around will benefit the plot, other than tossing in a lot of boilerplate "Look what those crazy kids did!" jokes. In one scene Carell's villain character Gru is laying out his diabolical plan in drawings when one of the kids' drawings makes its way in there. Har de har.

Of course, it's a one and a half minute trailer, and last year at ShoWest I saw scenes from another animated comedy that looked totally unpromising-- and it turned out to be the legitimately hilarious Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. So I'll avoid being too harsh on Despicable Me despite the unpromising trailer. It'll likely be online before too long to give you a chance to judge for yourself.

Keep checking back for more from ShoWest 2010!

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