We found out yesterday that Peter Weir will probably not be returning to direct a proposed sequel to 2003’s sea tale Master and Commender. Sad news indeed but that doesn’t mean he’s just sitting around twiddling his thumbs. The Way Back, Weir’s first film since M&C, promises to be a brutal look at the lives of a small group of prisoners who escape from a gulag in Siberia.

This short clip popped up overseas at HeyUGuys and while it doesn’t get into any story elements, it does give you a good look at how haggard the usually well-groomed Colin Farrell has been made to look. The rest of the cast is stacked with talent like Ed Harris, Saoirse Ronan, and Jim Sturgess so expect something great from The Way Back when it drops in limited release January 21st.

Scope the clip out below. It’s short and not gross, I promise.

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