Eric: If they are doing it just for the sake of making another Jurassic Park movie I totally agree - as it stands we don't need another story and that would be the terrible way of looking at the project. But I wonder if maybe Spielberg really is getting excited about a script and told Universal, "I want to do this NOW!" and that's why he stopped Robopocalypse. That said, looking at the 2014 release calendar I don't see any other Universal films, so that is a question mark. I'd say at this stage in the game it would be hard for anybody to say that they're actually "excited" for the movie - but I will say that I'm open to it.

Sean: That opens the door to another question, though, and one I can sink my teeth into: What WOULD get you excited about a new JP? Would it be the addition of the right director? A specific cast member added to the sequel? And what do we want to see the dinos do this time out? We've seen them come to the mainland in The Lost World. Where can they go next that would excite you?

Eric: Part of it is silly: I just really dig dinosaurs. Loved 'em since I was a kid and fascinated by them to this day. And while I can't say exactly what kind of story would pull me in because I have absolutely zero idea what they have planned, can you at least get excited for the technological aspects of it? The first Jurassic Park still looks amazing to this day, but imagine what they can do if they mix that with what we saw in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (another franchise that many didn't the point of resuscitating either). This isn't like Indiana Jones where the hero is gotten old and sad. There are plenty of things that can be done with dinosaurs and I want to see them do them!

Sean: Yeah, I can get worked up for the different types of dinosaurs that maybe haven't been exploited by the series already. The T-Rex was such a huge part of the first two movies, but I'd like to see them introduce different types of dinos that we've yet to see. An aerial-based JP movie, with tons of pterodactyl. Perhaps a water-based JP movie, with amphibias dinosaurs. There's a ton of potential here. Maybe, since we adore post-apocalyptic films now, we fast-forward to a point where the dinos escaped the island and have destroyed major cities, and we meet new characters who are helping humanity fight back. Big cities overrun with MORE dinosaurs. That, I can get excited by. Not a return trip to the island.

Eric: See! Now you're getting it! There's potential here! So have I opened your eyes to the positive prospects of Jurassic Park IV?

Sean: A little. Hiring the right director can help. I'm now cautiously optimistic ... but that glimmer of hope can be flushed down the toilet real fast if we're told Brett Ratner's Jurassic Park is coming to theaters in 2014!

Eric: For you and me both!

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