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It looks like Shrek the Third co-directors Chris Miller and Raman Hui won’t be back for the next installment of the green guy’s adventures. Neither will Andrew Adamson, who directed the first two movies, be stepping back in to replace him. Adamson is kind of busy with those Narnia movies, you may have heard of them. Instead, the Hollywood Reporter says DreamWorks is talking to Mike Mitchell about coming in to direct Shrek 4.

Now don’t panic Shrek-heads, but Mike Mitchell directed Deuce Bigalow, but it was the first Deuce Bigalow, which compared to the second one is comic gold. More recently, he directed the excellent, unfairly overlooked superhero high-school movie Sky High. If you’ve seen that, then you know Mitchell knows a thing or two about good family entertainment.

The fourth Shrek has already been written by Tim Sullivan. The series has already covered dating, marriage, and kids. I’m not sure where they have left to go for Shrek 4. Divorce? Then maybe we spend Shrek 5 with Shrek and Donkey living out their golden years in a nursing home? Let’s hope not.

Shrek the Third opens in just a few weeks on May 18th. Shrek 4 is probably a long way off.

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