It was just a few days ago that I expressed reserved hopes for Devil, a new movie with a story from M. Night Shyamalan that stars Chris Messina... and that's pretty much all we were supposed to know. But plot details don't stay secret for long in this wild world of the Internet, and thanks to some clever sleuthing, Slashfilm has discovered what they believe to be the basic story.

Basically, the premise is pretty simple: A group of people, one of whom is the devil, are trapped together in the elevator.We know from Messina's casting that he's playing a recently sober cop, and apparently there's a security guard character trying to convince Messina to get everyone out of the elevator-- while also convincing the rest of the group that he's the "chosen one" to save them.

It sounds like a great concept for a play, with the whole claustrophobia angle, but hard to tell how it will work as a movie shot in such a small space. If they can gather a great cast around Messina, though, and make it seem somewhat possible that the devil would bother getting stuck in an elevator, I can see this working out.

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