There’s been a lot of noise this week about Dino De Laurentis’ remaking the now classic Jane Fonda softcore porno movie Barbarella. Now that it looks like it’s really happening, it’s time to start talking casting.

The first name being thrown around to take on the Barbarella role Fonda made famous is Sienna Miller. The rumor comes from The Daily Express where their sources tell them she’s De Laurentis’s first choice for the part. Apparently she can act, since she’s getting decent reviews for her work in Factory Girl, she’s pretty, and if you’ve seen the Jude Law remake of Alfie you know she doesn’t have a problem with showing off her bare body.

At this point Sienna Miller is more famous for being tabloid fodder than being an actress. She’s been in a couple of movies, but not anything most people have seen. She’s just a name. A high profile role like this could be good for her. Barbarella is a high-profile role isn’t? Perhaps I should say it might be. At this stage it’s hard to tell what this strange little remake is going to end up being. The original 60s scantily clad babe-in-space version was more of a cult movie. People know the name Barbarella now though, which could make it into a blockbuster.

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