The vampire craze is moving out of young Hollywood and claiming the life of one of the film industry’s more seasoned and well-respected actresses, Sigourney Weaver. As reported by THR, she’s trading in her Na’vi avatar for a set of fangs in Amy Heckerling’s romantic horror-comedy Vamps.

The film stars Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two young vampires living in modern-day New York. They’re loving life until they find love and are forced to make a choice that will risk their immortality. Weaver will play Ciccerus, the queen vampire and the one responsible for turning the duo into bloodsuckers in the first place. Odds are, this is the role Heckerling expressed interest in having Michelle Pfeiffer play. She may not have gotten her top choice, but Weaver is certainty a fantastic substitute.

Minus the overused vampire concept, is there anything not to like about this project? Not only is it coming from the woman behind Clueless, but it reunites her with that film’s star, the somewhat long lost Silverstone. Then there’s Ritter who’s long overdo for a starring role and now we have Weaver to top it all off. This is clearly tending towards the chick flick category, but I’m a chick, so I’ll take it!

Red Hour is producing and is aiming for a late April start.

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