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While in Paris to honor Harrison Ford at the Cesar Awards, Sigourney Weaver made a pit stop to have a chat on the French television show, Le Grand Journal. Sure enough, Avatar was a hot topic of conversation and Weaver was asked if she’d be in the sequel. To anyone who has seen this movie (basically the large majority of you), her response is a major surprise: she has spoken to James Cameron and he plans to have her reprise her role of Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar 2.


Is Cameron going soap opera on us? Weaver’s character is fatally shot at the end of the film. Perhaps being with Eywa means something different than dying and going to heaven. During the interview, Weaver touches on the concept of how Grace still exists in the Tree of Souls. So is she the tree now? Will they figure out a way to transfer her soul back to her avatar? Or, will she just be a flashback? Weaver adds that she “can’t promise anything, “ but know Cameron some idea “to keep the family together.”

Considering the emphasis placed on the Na’vi connection to their ancestors via Eywa, this whole concept seems sensible. Weaver never mentions that the role would a major one; just that she’ll be involved. Perhaps she’ll offer Jake and Neytiri some sort of guidance via the Tree of Voices. But wait, those were destroyed weren’t they? And so the speculation continues.

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