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Wolverine 2 is on the way and for his next adventure we know that Hugh Jackman is taking his clawed character to Japan. That’s a good thing, since Wolverine’s Japanese odyssey is one of his best story arcs in the comics, and one of the best story arcs of the 90s X-Men animated series too. It really works.

Since he’s going to Japan fans of the character probably have at least some idea of who he’ll be fighting in the movie, but there was no official word on just exactly who the villain of Wolverine 2 would be… until now. Screen Rant was there at the Real Steel Comic Con panel this morning when Jackman confirmed that he’s fighting Silver Samurai, in the new Wolverine movie.

Most of the movie is filming in Japan, which is good news for the devastated Japanese economy, and they’ve picked a great villain, which is good for all of us.

So who is Silver Samurai? Here’s how Marvel breaks the character down:

Keniuchio Harada is the mutant son of the former Japanese crimelord Shingen Harada. As a youth, Harada mastered the attendant disciplines of the medieval samurai and sought employment as a warrior for hire. Following his father’s death, Harada sought the leadership of Shingen’s Clan Yashida from his half-sister Mariko Yashida, but was opposed by the ronin Yukio and Mariko’s lover, the mutant adventurer Wolverine.
The sequel, tentatively titled The Wolverine will be directed by 3:10 to Yuma helmer James Mangold. No word yet on who they’ll cast to play Silver Samurai, but someone should probably pick up a phone and call Ken Watanabe.

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