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Technically nothing about Star Trek 2 is confirmed-- J.J. Abrams hasn't said out loud he'll actually direct it, so far as we know he hasn't given his approval to the 80 page outline that will become the script at some point, and the release date of June 29, 2012 looks increasingly impossible. But with all that said, it seems pretty obvious the movie will be made this fall. That's been the rumor for months now, one that Karl Urban, a.k.a. Dr. McCoy, repeated back in May, and now Simon Pegg, a.k.a. Scotty, is the latest to put it out there.

Talking to Digital Spy, Pegg even acknowledged that nearly everyone knows this by now, even if Abrams continues to play coy: "[Filming starts] this year, as far as I know. It's pretty much common knowledge that it's hopefully shooting in the autumn." Pegg has never had particularly loose lips on the Trek films, despite presumably being asked about them constantly while doing press for Paul, so if he's saying things out loud at this point you can bet he's gotten some kind of permission from the Abrams camp.

Of course, if shooting starts in the fall, that makes it all the more unlikely we'll see the film next June. Even X-Men: First Class, an insanely rushed production that resulted in a fine but definitely scattered film, had a little over a year between the start of production and its release date. You can bet perfectionist Abrams isn't going to stand for that kind of rush, and Paramount, given that they moved the original Star Trek's release date once already, will probably be able to find a way to shift this one as well.