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Given that his directorial debut was the elegantly made and very smart Sin nombre, everyone has been wondering what Cary Fukunaga would do next I don't think anyone was expecting this. Variety is reporting that Fukunaga is in advanced negotiations to direct jane Eyre for British indie outlet Ruby Films.

Fukunaga, of course, is not British, but he isn't South American either, and that didn't stop Sin nombre from being great. And the movie doesn't have any stars attached at the moment-- Ellen Page bailed on it a while ago-- but who would expect that for a young director with just one film behind him? The most surprising part to me is that Fukunaga has a writing and directing deal at Focus, and I figured he'd make his next project with them-- bigger distributor, more money, all of those perks.

Apparently he's aiming for a take that will "play up the gothic elements" of the novel about forbidden love, which sounds great to me. I'd love to hear from Fukunaga why he's decided to take this project next, and how he plans to incorporate the intense realism and intimate feel of Sin nombre into a genre of films that usually feel stuffy by default. It's exciting, if not a little puzzling.