He’s abandoned superhero franchises before, but it looks like director Bryan Singer will stick with Superman for awhile.

Variety says Singer may bow out of what was supposed to be his next project after Superman Returns, a remake of Logan’s Run, in order to make another Superman movie. He won’t have time to squeeze Logan in between Super flicks since Warner Brothers is eager to start shooting both movies this fall. Since Bryan can’t be in two places at once, he’ll have to choose. It looks like he’ll take the wiser course, and choose Superman over a dodgy sci-fi remake property that may not have any legs.

Of course, nothing is certain until Superman Returns is out and the box office receipts are in. If Superman Returns underperforms the way Mission: Impossible III did, or worse, does a massive box office belly flop like Poseidon did this past weekend, then Singer may have plenty of time to direct Logan’s… assuming Warners is willing to trust the guy who directed the worst superhero flop in history. But don’t believe that’s going to happen. Superman Returns may not break records, but its hard to imagine a scenario in which it doesn’t at least do decent business. Look for an official decision from Singer on what his next movie will be in July.

Meanwhile, whether he’s directing or not Bryan will probably still have some role on Logan’s Run. V for Vendetta director James McTeigue has been thrown out as a name that might take over Logan’s. If he does, Bryan would hang on to some sort of producer or executive producer credit, for whatever that’s worth.

For those of you who missed the original 1976 Logan’s Run, it’s the story of a dystopian world where no one is allowed to live past the age of 30. To make it younger, hotter, and hipper, the new version may lower the age to something more Paul Walker appropriate. Also under consideration: a way to get Logan in a modified, lime-green, import with nitrous. Running is so nineties.

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