I know what you’re thinking: Jan de Bont’s Speed is one of the classic 90s action movies. It’s one of those rare films that takes what should be a really stupid idea and turns it into something thrilling and cool, with an interesting love story at the middle and a great hero vs. villain dynamic. So why on Earth should a remake be made? Because it’s inevitable anyway.

Hollywood lives and breathes for simple stories that mass audiences can get behind, and now that more emphasis has been put on international box office numbers that’s truer than ever. On the plus side, it could be a good vehicle (no pun intended) for rising stars like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were back in 1994. It also happens to be a simple enough idea that any tweaks you make to the story or the twist will probably still work in the remakes favor (so long as you don’t move the plot from a bus to a boat). While I wouldn’t want to see the project fall into the hands of a hack, any director with a visual flair and a desire to take a risk could do interesting things with Speed. It’s not the best idea in the world, but why bother fighting an unstoppable force?

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