Cutthroat Island
Remember when Hollywood tried to make Geena Davis an action star, releasing Cutthroat Island and Long Kiss Goodnight within a year of each other? Given that both movies tanked, that plan didn't pan out, but she was fun as the ferocious female pirate Morgan Adams at the center of the former, and I think this charismatic character deserves a second chance at the high seas.

Adams was sexy, sassy and could battle on par with all the burly, bearded blighters who surrounded her. And the waters of movie trends seem clear sailing for her triumphant return. First off, audiences worldwide clamored over each offering from The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, proving there is a market for buccaneer adventures. Secondly, in the wake of the record-shattering success of The Hunger Games it appears moviegoers are more on board with female-centered action-adventures than every before. And lastly, her story of waging war against her vile uncle while falling for a high society con man (originally played by a smirking Matthew Modine) is one so epic and ripe for dazzling costumes and explosive action sequences that'd it'd be a crime not to give it a flashy revamp with a savvy action-helmer attached.

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