The Craft
Andrew Fleming's The Craft had a lot going for it, including a solid cast (Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Christine Taylor) and a fun, dark premise, but the story and the character development never fully gelled, and the film just didn't reach its full potential. Some would say it's better left in 1996 than remade for today's audience, but I see the next Heathers/Jawbreaker/Mean Girls just waiting to rear it's teen-dream head, reminding us yet again how much high school is a witch for the typical American teen girl.

The Craft remake wouldn't merely be a high school-set dark drama about a group of teen girls who discover they're witches and wreak havoc on their school. Let's incorporate a healthy share of dark humor into the mix this time around, with a sort of Paul Feig/Joss Whedon/Tina Fey infused combo-pack, merging humor, supernatural metaphor and a locker full of girl stuff into one movie that's humorous, dark and fun with just a little bit of depth. Cast Kristin Wiig as a teacher or the principal, and find the next generation's Bridesmaids-type female actors to play the witchy teens who attempt to dominate their school with their newfound powers.

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