Point Break
We understand that this remake already has been announced, but the fact that no real progress has been made – no cast, no director – means it’s not too late to pull the plug. Point Break isn’t an original concept. Police officers have been going undercover to infiltrate crime rings for decades. But so much of what made Point Break work wasn’t the surfing or the skydiving. It was the yin-yang chemistry between federal agent Keanu Reeves and Zen master Patrick Swayze. For most of Point Break, it becomes clear that bank-robbing Bodhi knows of Utah’s dual identity, and is willing to play along with the ruse to see how long it takes for the former football star to betray his clean-cut ideals and come over to the metaphorical Dark Side. It was an internal struggle waged between two stubborn soul mates, which is why Utah allowing Bodhi to surf his final wave at the end of Kathryn Bigelow’s classic was the perfect gesture of bro-mantic spirituality. News that a potential Point Break remake wants to capitalize on the rise of extreme sports proves that producers don’t get the story’s rich subtext. They just want righteous stunts. In honor of the late Swayze, they should leave well enough alone.

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