>Variety reports that Warner Brothers has found a scriptwriter for the Sleeper film adaptation in…Brad Ingelsby? With Sam Raimi producing and Tom Cruise attached, its surprising that WB picked a virtually unknown scriptwriter. Maybe Raimi doesn’t realize that Sleeper is the most awesome comic book in the world?

Or, maybe it’s his production partner Josh Donen who is ignorant to this fact? Sleeper is a DC Comic published under the Wildstorm imprint and involves some supporting characters from the Wildstorm universe. The Ed Brubaker-penned comic follows Holden Carver, a sleeper agent trying to climb the ranks of an illegal CIA type operation. The group, called TAO, uses people with abilities to perform illegal missions and is basically trying to take over the world. Carver, who fused with an alien artifact on mission when he was younger, can absorb pain without feeling it. Once he has absorbed the pain, the next person he touches will feel it. He finds a hot broad who derives her power from committing sins. She likes the pain and gets naked a lot. The comic features the threat of a black hole bomb, a group of villains who are actually controlling the events of history, and a character who is bulletproof.

Even though I thought Ed Brubaker was a little cooler than this, here’s what he told MTV Splash Page at Comic Con about what type of screenwriter he wanted to get: “When Tom Cruise gets involved in a project, I don’t imagine some guy like me who’s just written a couple of screenplays would get that job [writing the film's screenplay] straight off the bat just because he created the comic [laughs]. Honestly, I hope they get the biggest screenwriter in the world on this — I want it to be successful!!” To me, that sounds a little like he’s selling out. But, once a movie studio owns your comic, I guess there isn’t much you can do about who gets to adapt your characters. I would have loved to see Darren Aronofsky’s adaptation.

Ingelsby just sold his first script, The Low Dweller, in March for half a million dollars to Relativity Media. Ridley Scott is set to direct that one with Leonardo DiCaprio starring.

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