You all know what you're hoping to see in The Expendables-- totally ripped, totally badass men who know how to throw a punch, fighting and running and shooting and making us all look like the world's worst couch potatoes.

But before we can get all that in the movie itself, we get the publicity stills, which give us just a tiny snippet of the action to come. So AICN is currently hosting a still from The Expendables, in which Sly Stallone hitches a ride on a seaplane that's taking off from the water. Yes, he looks incredibly ripped. Yes, you should probably not try that at home.

Check out their full version of the image you see above, and stay tuned for what's sure to be similar images of Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li and others pulling off cool stunts. Not as cool as Stallone, though-- he's the director, and he gets some privileges.

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