Arrogant Alien

For those of you who are more curious than the cat that satisfaction had to bring back, we present to you a quick rundown on the culprit behind the Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice script. A Twitter user by the name of Arrogant Alien had posted the following message on their Twitter feed:

So allegedly, the Twitter user known as Arrogant Alien put together a script in 5 days to throw everyone off of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice scent. True to the path that was laid out in previous speculation, Arrogant Alien thanked "Ms. Knoll" in their Twitter feed. However, this does conflict with actual name of the alleged contact. Ms. Sue Kroll. As astute as Kevin Smith was in sniffing them out, Arrogant Alien was as astute to follow the news about their handiwork, and confirmed as much with the following tweet:

Now that the truth is out, our Arrogant Alien is apparently being hunted with a particular sense of zeal and ire.

However, this whole sordid affair still needs one last element before the story can be resolved: the studio needs to either confirm or deny this was even their doing. It wouldn't damage Warner Bros to confirm the truth, in fact it'd be confirmation of a pretty damned smart move. Denying wouldn't hurt either, because as we all know anyone can say they did anything on the internet, and fabricate the proof that they need to back it up. We may never know who the Arrogant Alien is. For all we know, the Arrogant Alien isn't even male, or isn't even a singular person. Until we hear anything officially conclusive, this is just going to have to be one of those unsolved Hollywood mysteries.

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