When David Fincher announced he was directing a movie about the guy who created Facebook, the world responded with a collective “huh?” It worked, but it was already kind of a stretch to make a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, does he really need a comic too?

The people of Bluewater Productions seem to think so and they’re turning Zuckerberg’s life into a 48-page, giant sized, one-shot comic. It’ll be on sale for $6.99 in stores this December. Though the comic has no direct association with the upcoming feature film, they claim their aim is to fill in the areas The Social Network. They say they’re looking for the middle ground which portrays him neither as a villain nor a hero. Except of course, this is something The Social Network already does.

You’re probably better off just seeing the movie and skipping the Mark Zuckerberg comic book, but the comic’s cover is just too creepy not to be seen. Here it is:

I recently advised Mark Zuckerberg here to embrace The Social Network. But if I were him and I saw this artwork, I think I’d sue Bluewater. It’s one thing to be portrayed as an awkward nerd, it’s quite another to be drawn as though you’re auditioning to be Dexter’s next serial killer.

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