We, the general public, don't actually know yet if Demetri Martin can act. But I'm betting people the likes of Steven Soderbergh get advance looks at movies like Taking Woodstock, in which stand-up comic Martin makes his feature acting debut, and then decide to cast him before most people realize the kid is even an actor.

That's at least one explanation for how Martin came to snag a role in Moneyball, Soderbergh's planned adaptation of the best-selling non-fiction book about... baseball statistics. Variety says that Martin will star opposite Brad Pitt as Paul de Podesta, a Harvard whiz kid who applied his economics knowledge to baseball scouting. Pitt plays Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics who used this method to build a killer team for virtually no money.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would be interested in this movie, even with the added value of Pitt and Martin. Remember, Soderbergh is a guy who made not one but two movies about Che Guevara wandering around in a jungle, and thought it was perfectly interesting. A movie about baseball statistics may be just his speed. Then again, we could see the Soderbergh who is gifted at creating crowd-pleasing, intelligent entertainment. It's always a gamble with this guy, isn't it?

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