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When Warner Bros. ditched their plans for a live-action He-Man movie a few weeks ago, it looks like the whole notion of bringing the Masters of the Universe to the big screen was doomed. But Sony has found a way to keep the dream alive of ruining your favorite childhood cartoon; they've picked up the rights to the action figure line, according to Variety, and will produce the film with Escape Artists.

Apparently all the development that took place at Warner Bros. will be scrapped, and Joel Silver, who was developing the film at WB, is not on board this time. Given that we don't really know anything about what they were trying to do with the film the first time, it's hard to know whether this is a good or a bad thing. I'd have been happier with them giving up on the idea entirely, but with money to be made and all, we all knew that was never going to happen.

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