When you've got a father and a son who can't stand each other plus a firearm, you've got a Marvin Gaye situation on your hands, or Heath Ledger's fate in Monster's Ball, or at the very least a really, really tense Thanksgiving. Apparently, though, it can all turn out OK, as it does in Fathers and Guns, the French-Canadian action-comedy that's about to get an English-language remake at Sony.

According to Variety, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy will produce the remake alongside the original film's producers Denise Robert and Emile Gaudreault. The film is about a father-and-son cop team who are assigned to investigate an outdoor camp for fathers and sons to grow closer together through adventure therapy. You can probably see where this is going.

With the right pair of actors-- please, please do not hire John Travolta, Robin Williams, or anyone associated with Wild Hogs-- this thing could definitely work. Any Quebecois out there with the perfect casting suggestion? Or do you just think it's ridiculous that Americans have to take the one hit Quebec film ever and turn it into something Hollywood?

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