Even as many elements of the American adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fall into place, Sony is already planning ahead and looking toward the sequel. According to Deadline they've begun talks with writer Steve Zaillian, who adapted Dragon Tattoo, to start work on Stieg Larsson's second novel The Girl Who Played With Fire.

The Dragon Tattoo movie is set to start production this fall and is scheduled for a December 21, 2011 release date. Daniel Craig signed a deal that includes options for two sequels, and unless something goes horribly wrong with David Fincher's adaptation of the material, a sequel is a pretty safe bet-- the series has sold over 27 million copies worldwide, and based on anecdotal evidence, every single subway rider in New York is required to have one of the books on hand at all times.

Zaillian may find himself in a slightly truncated version of the situation Twilight franchise writer Melissa Rosenberg is in, cranking out adaptations of the sequels as the movies themselves chug forward into theaters. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony take another page from the Twilight playbook and get these suckers made as fast as possible, before readers lose interest in the books, before actors lose interest in the material, or before whoever they choose to play Lisbeth Salander gets too old for the role. It's not quite the same as cashing in on Taylor Lautner fever, but it's a strategy that will work regardless. Strap in, Zaillian, and get those writing fingers a-flying.

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