You woke up this morning got yourself a...guitar? According to the much anticipated movie from Soprano's creator David Chase movie will not be a Soprano’s movie (working title: Tony and Carmella Hit Hollywood). Instead, Chase’s first film will be the story of a group guys who form a rock band in the 1960’s.

The way I see Chase’s new movie playing out it this: Bunch of guys meet up and form a band in the 1960’s. There are some good times at first and they get insanely rich and famous. But then things turn ugly. All of the band members are fighting and it seems like their whole world is going to crumble. Even though they’ve reached the pinnacle of success, they all just want more, more, more. Then just when things may or may not work out for the band, and we’ve invested all of our time in their story; the screen fades to black for 30 seconds of silence. Roll credits. Thanks David Chase. I hope this movie bombs just for how you ended The Sopranos.

All partial kidding aside, Chase was always a guy with clear vision (even if the rest of us couldn’t always see it) and The Sopranos incorporated the music industry and its machinations into various story arcs throughout the series. Chase clearly has a passion here which could turn into a success on the big screen.

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