We all know that it's not hard to work Twilight fans into a frenzy, but really, why would you try to do such a thing? Groups of them screaming and trampling each other once a year when the new movies come out is bad enough, and with Eclipse coming this June, we don't even have the customary yearlong break between Team Edward vs. Team Jacob catfights.

So while I can't figure out the motivations behind would-be rabblerousers spreading rumors of Eclipse test screenings, at least Gossip Cop is shutting them down. The gossip site has confirmed with Summit Entertainment that there are no test screenings of Eclipse currently taking place, despite what you may have heard at EdwardIsMyFutureHusband.com or whatever other Twilight fansite was spreading the word.

God knows if they'll ever even bother with Eclipse test screenings-- the movies are review-proof and even audience-proof so long as they follow the books closely enough. Wouldn't the test screening reviews say "Needs more shirtless Jacob?" Sorry, Twihards-- Summit Entertainment is probably not going to seek out your opinion on this until you're paying cold, hard cash for it.

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