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Want to see Carrie Underwood try to act? You won’t have to wait long. On August 2, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing Soul Surfer to DVD and Blu-Ray. The film follows the true-life experience of surfer Bethany Hamilton who, after a major shark attack causing her to lose an arm, remains determined to get back to the surfing world she loves. Carrie Underwood plays Bethany’s youth group leader who helps Bethany find her way back to surfing.

She’s not half bad. Nor is Soul Surfer half bad, although it might have done better than modest success had the studio capitalized on the release back in 2004, when the real Bethany Hamilton was all over the news and had published a book about her experiences. If the factual details of this whole story are a little fuzzy, don’t worry. DVD and Blu-Ray releases will include a “Heart of a Soul Surfer” documentary that will bring you back up to speed. Three featurettes will also be included, as well as a set of deleted scenes.

I’d suggest pulling this one from On Demand or Netflix. You never know what sort of sharks you’ll come up against on the way to Best Buy.

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