It makes sense that in a movie about robots from outer-space that some of said movie would involve... well, outer-space. Michael Bay is flexing his NASA muscles again, getting himself and hundreds of extras clearance onto the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to film scenes for his next explosion filled venture into the world of the Transformers.

According to an article written over at (via Super Hero Hype), Pad 39A at the space center was to be prepped over the weekend for shoots that are meant to take place starting on Wednesday. Why they’ll be filming with the well-known space shuttle we don’t know, but rest assured it will be for something big.

Bay previously filmed with NASA in his 1998 space odyssey Armageddon and presumably used his connections there to snake his way back into what has to be one of the most secure locations in America. TF3 is set to release next summer on June 11th, which seems pretty fast considering the vast amount of animation and post production that has to be done before release.

Here is the piece from the NASA article:
Regardless, flashes and bangs of a different nature can be expected at the pad over the coming days, as movie crews film scenes for the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers 3, with Saturday processing information noting work to support filming should proceed as planned over this weekend.

Scenes are expected to be shot at Pad 39A on Wednesday – understood to be timed with Discovery being on show with the RSS retracted, meaning the Shuttle may gain herself some credits in the movie.

Hundreds of extras have received security clearance to be in the grounds of KSC during the filming, while Cape Canaveral sources noted Atlas and Delta resources will also be involved in some scenes. Director Michael Bay had previously filmed at KSC during the making of Armageddon – which involved scenes with Atlantis and Endeavour.

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