Spy Hunter is back on the road yet again. This is the third time Hollywood has tried to get a movie based on the classic videogame of the same name off the ground. In its original incarnation John Woo was making it with The Rock. Then Paul W.S. Anderson was supposed to be involved. Now it’s back to the drawing board.

The game the Spy Hunter movie will be based on was pretty simple. In it players drove a car armed with weapons like machine guns, smoke screen, and oil slick down a highway full of bad guys. It’s kind of like Knight Rider without the talking car. There’s not much story here, which leaves plenty of leeway to do pretty much whatever when writing the script.

Variety says Warner Bros. picked the Spy Hunter franchise out of a heap of titles it got when it bought the rights to Midway Games library earlier this year. They’ve turned it over to Dan Lin and Roy Lee of Vertigo to produce with Chad St. John writing the script. But odds are you don’t care about any of that. You want to know if they’re going to re-hire The Rock.

So will The Rock be involved again? Warner Bros. hasn’t started casting yet but after this movie failed to get made twice with him in the lead role, it’s hard to imagine they’d want to tempt fate by doing it again. The better bet here is to go in an entirely different direction. Besides, Dwayne “The Rock” is much too busy making horrible family movies nobody wants to see.

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