It is common knowledge that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek film (shut up naysayers). What is not necessarily common knowledge, however, is that the film's plot, and the character of Khan - played by the awesome and sorely missed Ricardo Montalban - came out of an episode from the original series' first season. Entitled Space Seed, the episode covers the discovery of Khan, the revelation that he is a genetic superman who escaped after the Eugenics Wars, and his banishment to Ceti Alpha V. It was a series classic and now an artist has immortalized it in poster form.

Designed by artist Martin Ansin, and found on Mondo, the art serves as a poster for the single episode, listing it's full credits on the bottom left-hand side. According to the article, the piece comes out of a partnership between the site and CBS, which has given them permission to create a series of posters like this. Unfortunately, the posters are already sold out (disappeared in a little over an hour), but you can certainly appreciate it on your computer monitor.

Check out the poster below or click it to see it full size over at Mondo.

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