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The Star Trek movie reboot series continues in July with Star Trek Beyond, featuring the Enterprise crew in the middle of their five year journey. Since last Wednesday, the movie’s promotional team has been releasing individual posters of the main characters, and today it capped off with the posters showing off Captain James T. Kirk and his new main adversary, Krall. Take a look!

You can head to the Star Trek Facebook page’s photo gallery to see all the new Star Trek Beyond posters, but these ones definitely look particularly cool, and also retain the same glowing Starfleet insignia in the midst of those attack drones. First up, Chris Pine’s Kirk. He’s come a long way since we met this version of him in 2009’s Star Trek, diverted onto a different course due to the timeline changes from Spock Prime’s arrival. However, this time around, he’s self-reflecting about what’s driving him as one of Starfleet's leading figures. Approximately two and a half years have passed since the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, and while he and the Enterprise crew are docked at Starbase Yorktown for some much-needed rest, the space station will come under attack. Which brings us to the movie’s antagonist.


Here we have Krall, played by Idris Elba. Described as a "predatory" villain (and definitely not a Gorn), he has a bone to pick with Starfleet, and he’ll take out his aggression on Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise while they’re vulnerable. In his eyes, the interstellar organization isn’t the force for good that most people think they are, and he won’t be afraid to get his hands dirty in order to see his own political agenda fulfilled. In case he didn’t look intimidating enough for you in the Star Trek Beyond trailers, this poster should do the trick.

After the Enterprise is badly damaged (or possibly completely destroyed) in the attack, the surviving crew members will be stranded on a mysterious planet. While Krall hunts down his Starfleet prey, Kirk will work with both his closest friends from the ship and new ally Jaylah, played by Sofia Boutella, to stay alive and figure out how to escape/call for help. In the midst of all the phaser firing and transporting (along with plenty of motorcycles…because that’s what people were keen on seeing in a Star Trek project), the main characters will start to question their purpose as members of Starfleet. The movie also arrives as the Star Trek franchise continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary in various ways.

Star Trek Beyond flies into theaters on July 22.

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