It’s starting to seem like the team behind Star Trek is at last getting to work in earnest on creating Star Trek: The Next. As part of that endeavor Star Trek writer Roberto Orci has been consulting on an upcoming Star Trek video game which will not only pick up where the last movie left off, but will bridge the gap between the Star Trek movie we saw in 2009 and the next one, whenever that finally gets done.

Talking to Game Pro Orci explains their plan this way:
So one of the reasons we were excited to participate in this game is that we wanted it to be very much something that can fit in between the two movies, something that was in a way – fans will tell you that it's only canon when it’s on screen in a movie; and so fine, Alex [Kurtzman] and I, and Tim [Jones] and J.J [Abrams]. and Brian will acquiesce and say that it’s not canon unless it’s not on film. But we would like to think that the game and everything that we do in between to be as close to canon as you can get because it’s actually being taken into consideration with where the movies are.

So I would say that what’s going to be different about this game is that it’s going to fit into our new universe. It’s going to fit into the Star Trek that we were lucky enough to generate, and it’s going to be a story that happens within that universe and that story is not going to be fan fiction. It’s going to be a story that fits into our movies, and fits into between the first two movies. The things that we are thinking about for this game very much fall into what can happen between the two movies, and that’s exciting for me as a fan.
As a fan, it’s sort of strange to hear Orci so worried about continuity when their last movie was crafted almost entirely around the idea of free themselves from existing Trek cannon. But it sounds like they’re determined to make it all fit together going forward, in creating a cannon of their own.

Check out the Star Trek game’s trailer:

The game, which is a co-op shooter, is set to hit store shelves next summer. That means you’ll be able to get your hands on it long before the next Star Trek movie actually hits theaters, whenever that is. Sounds like this could be a good way for us Trekkies to get out fix, while we wait for Orci to give us what we really want.

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