It’s no longer really news when a big Hollywood blockbuster is converted into the IMAX format. It is quickly becoming the standard for any spendy flick with potentially impressive videos. IMAX is not worth the effort for a bland looking project like Twilight or Beverly Hills Chihuahua, no matter how much money they’ve made, for Star Trek IMAX release should be regarded as an obvious move for Paramount Pictures.

And indeed that’s exactly what Paramount is doing, at least according to First Showing. It’s unclear where exactly FS obtained this information, but since it’s kind of a no brainer there’s no reason to doubt them. This would be bigger news had the movie actually been shot in the IMAX format, as were select scenes in The Dark Knight, but unfortunately we’ll have to settle for an inferior, after the fact conversion.

Yet even for movies which weren’t actually shot in the format, IMAX is still unquestionably the best way to watch any feature film. I imagine that’s going to be doubly true of Star Trek with its hopefully sweeping, breathtaking, wide screen outer space visuals. Perhaps even more important than IMAX’s massive screen is the standard IMAX theater sound which is, far and above, totally superior to anything you’ll get anywhere else. Star Trek’s epic, orchestral scores belong booming around inside an IMAX theater.

To me, it's shocking that there are actually people out there who still haven't been won over by the IMAX format. Presumably these are people who live in an area where there simply isn't a theater, or who have stubbornly refused to visit one. This isn't exactly a new innovation. You and I know better. Be in the IMAX seat next to me for Star Trek on May 8th of next year.

One brief note. Unless the schedule changes, Night at the Museum 2 opens two weeks after Star Trek and will also be in IMAX. Most, if not all IMAX theaters have only a single screen which means that theater owners will have to choose one or the other. Odds are they’ll all go with the newer film, or perhaps split time between the two movies once Night at the Museum opens, relegating the out longer Trek to those odd, off-time showings no one wants to go to. It can't be easy to swap out different films onto an IMAX projector. That means that if you’re hot to see Star Trek in IMAX, don’t wait around. Get it done on week one.

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