As far as we know there's no screenplay yet, but particularly paranoid Trekkers can finally breathe easy-- Paramount has set a release date for Untitled Star Trek Sequel (a.k.a. Star Trek 2), according to Coming Soon. Taking a page from the Michael Bay playbook, the movie will debut in the coveted pre-July 4th slot of June 29, 2012.

Thus far it's got that weekend to itself-- the only other known summer releases for that year are The Avengers (which seems likely to be delayed given how many pieces must fall into place) and Madagascar 3. It'll be interesting to see if Star Trek can play as a traditional across-the-board July 4th movie in the tradition of Independence Day and, well, Transformers; despite its significant box office success, Star Trek may still be considered by audiences as a specifically sci-fi film. Then again, fans of the movie have two years to convince their doubtful friends that Star Trek is indeed awesome. So get out those Blu-Rays and start proselytizing!

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