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Paramount Pictures has had a good run over the past few years, with Transformers, Star Trek and all the Marvel films. But after this summer all the upcoming Marvel superhero movies are going to Disney, and that’s going to leave a big hole in their slate of summer blockbusters. Hey, maybe someone should get moving and actually work on getting around to that second Star Trek? The Trek team has been pretty slow to get going on this thing but now, maybe in part because of a little urgency for Paramount, we’re starting to see movement on Star Trek: The Next. In fact, they could be getting close to actually shooting the thing.

Karl Urban, who played Dr. McCoy in the previous Trek film revealed in a recent interview with Collider, that they’re nearing a start date for filming on the sequel. He says, “I'm hearing that it's going to be September or November this year.”

Urban’s statement confirms what we heard a few here, in which shadowy sources first rumored that Abrams might finally be under some pressure to get moving on the film, and that Paramount wants him to start shooting in September. Of course there’s still the problem of the script.

The thing is, as far as we know there isn’t a script, or at least not a finished one. The guys who were supposed to be writing it have been busy doing other things which people will care about far less. Just a few days ago, in fact, Anton Yelchin said that he hadn’t seen any sign of it though writer Roberto Orci has dropped occasional hints as to the nature of what they’re working on. Presumably they’ve at least started writing, and hopefully a September start date will give them enough time to finish without beaming this Trek up half finished.

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