If ever a contest were held to determine the world’s coolest Trekkie, Jordan’s King Abdullah II would win hands down. Not only did the rabid Star Trek fan reportedly cameo on a 1995 episode of Star Trek: Voyager (back when he was a prince), but Abdullah also is the driving force behind an official Star Trek theme park that is being built in the coastal town of Aqaba as a means toward boosting Jordan’s profile as a tourism destination.

The Red Sea Astrarium project, scheduled to open in 2014, will consist of 17 entertainment developments and four hotels, according to The National. While the project will be funded by U.S. and Middle Eastern investors, the chief Jordanian investor is the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, which the powerful Trekkie established in 2001 to stimulate Jordan’s economy and boost its tourism rating.

The park appears to have Trek’s official blessing. CBS Consumer Products, which manages the licensing of television shows, has given the thumbs up, while Paramount Recreation is on board as creative consultants. The centerpiece of the park will be a “space-flight-adventure” modeled after Trek, according to Time, that developers are promising will “deliver a variety of multi-sensory futuristic experiences, culminating with a state-of-the art space-flight adventure that takes real-time immersive entertainment experiences to bold new heights."

It sounds fantastic, the latest theme park – after Orlando’s Harry Potter park – to extend the movie-going experience for dedicated fans. Too bad, for U.S. Trekkies, the new park will be located far, far away. Any chance King Abdullah can figure out how to beam fans from all of the world to Jordan?

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