I’m heading out of town to the Sundance Film Festival in a few days, and though I’m excited about going, I have one major regret: I’ll have to wait till I get back to see the first trailer for Star Trek. By all accounts it debuts this Friday in front of the JJ Abrams produced viral marketing camp… er movie Cloverfield, and I’ll be much to busy watching the likes of In Bruges to find a theater showing Cloverfield and see it. I’ll be online Monday though, so if you don’t want to watch Cloverfield you’ll get to join me in the interminable 3 day wait while everyone else in the world sees it.

Right, so we’ve established that we’re all pretty damned impatient to see what this Abrams character is up to with our much beloved (except Voyager) Trek. Well forget waiting. Here’s our first clue. A website called Hollywood Chicago claims to have first ever, detailed description of what we can expect from the first Star Trek teaser trailer. The guys at TrekMovie, who usually do a pretty good job of following up on these things say they’ve been able to confirm it’s correct.

So what’s in it? Well make no mistake, this is a teaser trailer. No major characters, no famous pointed ears. Instead, the teaser seems to be trying to make a connection between our world and the Trek envisioned future. As the guys at TrekMovie rightly point out, Star Trek was never envisioned as some fantasy world by Gene Roddenberry, it was always supposed to be the ideal of what mankind could become. Something to shot for, not some space-faring version of Lord of the Rings. That misconception does seem to be something they’re trying to correct in the movie’s teaser. Here’s an excerpt from HC’s description:

We hear an old NASA radio countdown: “30 sec and counting.”
Close up of a timeless guy with goggles leaning down doing some weilding and sparks flying around.
He lifts his googles — slightly futuristic head covering. It’s not a space suit, btw.
The dude leans down and wields some more — he’s standing on big metal.
“FROM DIRECTOR J.J. ABRAMS” (blue font with a nice lens flare)
Some Kennedy speech about space flight: “The eyes of the world now look to space.”
People walking around the saucer section. The wielders are everywhere, showing size.
We hear, “The Eagle has landed.”
Huge overhead shot pans across, suddenly showing what looks like miles of scaffolding underneath.

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