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The Star Wars franchise doesn’t have a particularly healthy history when it comes to its female characters (you can count the notable ones in the original trilogy on one hand), but it appears that J.J. Abrams will be throwing that stupid tradition out the window for the future of the series. There are multiple incredibly talented actresses on the cast list for The Force Awakens, but seemingly leading the pack and playing a key role in the new adventure is Rey, played by newcomer Daisy Ridley. At Star Wars Celebration, the British newcomer spilled a bit about her part. Contrary to rumors that were spreading around, she is not actually from Tatooine, but instead from a different desert planet altogether – a planet called Jakku. She described herself as a scavenger who lives in a ship graveyard, and as being self-sufficent and solitary, but "meets another character" and sees her adventure begin. We also know that she has one seriously cool looking speeder, and we’ve heard many rumors suggesting that she makes a home inside a busted AT-AT walker from The Empire Strikes Back.

Rumors floated around that indicated she had been left on Jakku by her parents years ago for safe keeping, and that she is a loner, keeping to herself, scavenging, and awaiting their return. These have been confirmed in that massive deluge of EW reveals, and leaked photos (and that battery commercial, which provides dubious support) indicate that she may possess an aptitude with the Force, though that’s one of the biggest questions surrounding The Force Awakens.

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