Vader The Negotiator

The second, more morally minded hurdle, is the feelings of Star Wars creator George Lucas. Lucas has gone on record as saying that he never wants the Star Wars Trilogy to ever be released in their original, untouched format. He has done all he could to limit and squash all access to the original films in their original format, and the fact that they were even on DVD for a limited time is something that should tell fans he's only interested in giving in for small windows of opportunity, and even then you're not going to get a perfect product. Could Fox and Disney flip George Lucas the saber and just plug ahead anyway? Legally, they could. Morally, on the other hand, they probably wouldn't want to.

While he may have made a mess out of the Star Wars empire himself, pissing off George Lucas by going behind his back and making a Blu Ray release of the original trilogy is a bad business move. Not only does Lucas have enough money that he could probably pay lawyers enough to find some sort of loophole against the unaltered releases; but he has enough clout that he could make life very difficult for both studios. After all, who do you think owns Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound, two legendary companies that provide visual effects and sound (respectively) to a staggering number of films each year? If Fox and Disney want to avoid a business street fight, they'd better find some way to grease the palms of Papa Lucas before even laying a finger on the original trilogy's original form.

So after all of this legalese, and all of this scenario drafting, do I think there's going to be an unaltered Blu Ray release of the Star Wars Trilogy?

You bet I do. We already got everyone to compromise once, and it yielded in a result. All three parties involved know that there's more money in providing the fans with what they want, instead of going after each other for whatever sums of money or property rights that they want. More importantly, all three parties should know that if you piss off the fans, that money you're spending on production of anything Star Wars related right now is going to be a riskier proposition as the days go on.

This rumor set our wheels in motion. My suggestion? All three parties should lock themselves in a room, negotiate a huge deal that makes everyone happy, and secures a PROPER, full nine picture Blu Ray set, including all three versions of the original trilogy. That's right, Lucas! The laserdisc isn't going to cut it this time. You're going to have to go back and restore all three original versions for Blu Ray. As an added bonus for making the fans wait so long, the set should also come with a copy of the Star Wars Christmas Special, for the first time ever on home video. After all, why should the pirates make all of the money off of George Lucas' shame?

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