We’ve heard rumors of this for years but today Lucasfilm finally stepped up and confirmed it: All six Star Wars movies will be converted into 3D and given a theatrical release.

We will now be forced to spend the next two years listening to soulless Lucasfilm reps praising 3D technology and insisting that this is the way George Lucas always meant the movies to be seen. Know now that this will never be true. What’s true is that they see an opportunity to make more money. Never mind that 3D conversions have been pretty well proven by now to be almost entirely unsuccessful and in many cases, literally hazardous to your health. There’s money to be made here.

Lucasfilm tells Variety that the plan is to start with Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which they’ll trundle out in 3D some time during 2012 as part of a worldwide, simultaneous, day and date release. Lucasfilm promises it won’t look horrible like all the other 3D conversions you’ve seen, but then everyone says that right before they shove out some horrible 3D conversion.

It's my hope that Star Wars fans will finally take a stand and simply refuse to buy tickets. It's the only way to end this cycle of greed. Do the right thing, right here, right now, and pledge not to show up at theaters for this re-release.

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