Guardians of the Galaxy
As quickly as next month, with Thor: The Dark World, Marvel is going to attempt to take its stories farther away from the recognizability of Earth’s environments. Yes, Kenneth Branagh’s original Thor introduced us to Asgard, but it anchored huge chunks of its action in New Mexico (on a very small set). The Dark World plans to expand the studio’s scope, and movies like Guardians are expected to take that baton and run with it. James Gunn’s movie bands together a team of alien warriors on a series of adventures. But the promise of future stories involving Thanos, Doctor Strange and The Avengers means more action will be set in space … and Marvel’s going to want to compete with the big dogs when it comes to galaxy building. The tone of the Guardians footage screened at Comic-Con suggested a wicked sense of humor. But if Guardians looks like Serenity when compared to Gravity, Marvel fans will have a reason to complain.

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