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If you put a big bucket under California, shook it really hard until all the douchebags fell out, then made a movie out of whatever ended up in the bucket, I’m pretty sure you’d have Step Up 3D. Or at least you’d have the trailer, which takes everything there is to hate about modern pop culture and crams it into a few self-important, lame, minutes. Your kids will love it.

I’ll give them this though: The trailer does some interesting things visually and putting a dance movie in 3D at least makes more sense than doing it to say, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. Watching these douches leap up in the air to do the splits only to land outside the screen on the heads of their audience could be kind of cool. Assuming of course they’ve really put that much effort into the 3D for it, which I doubt.

Watch the first trailer for Step Up 3D below, then long for the good old days when we used to beat up and bully kids who danced.

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