I love it when there's an adaptation of a graphic novel that isn't about superheroes or mythical figures, because it reminds lunkheads like me that, no, graphic novels aren't just for little boys or people who want to live in a fantasy world. And I really love it when a director takes on a project that might sound odd, so I'm especially excited to see Stephen Frears adapting Tamara Drewe, Posy SImmonds' graphic novel about a small-town flirt.

Even better, Variety is reporting that Frears has lined up Gemma Arterton for the lead role, with Dominic Cooper also part of the past. Arterton was effective but only briefly featured in Quantum of Solace, while Cooper will be making up for the enormous silliness of Mamma Mia! with a supporting role in An Education this fall.

I interviewed Frears in June for his most recent film, Cheri, and found him both endearing and a completely frustrating interview, give that he prefers to give succinct answers and never falls into the trap of talking just to kill time. So the capper on all this for me is his brief but perfect statement to Variety about his reasons for adapting the novel: "I've loved Posy Simmonds' work for a long time." Well said, sir.

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